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  1. What is TesioPower?
  2. Who is TesioPower for?
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What is TesioPower?

TesioPower is a computerised database of horses, designed to help upgrade pedigrees using Federico Tesio's proven line-breeding guidelines. Our main edition is based on Thoroughbreds and we have over 330,000 in our database, plus over 500,000 in the complimentary 'Del Mar' database that ships with the full Thoroughbred Edition.

TesioPower features six and seven generation on-screen pedigrees and many different research functions.

TesioPower can research back for 12 generations with many records being right back to the foundations of the breed.

TesioPower is also available in Standardbred and Quarter Horse Editions as well as Greyhounds. There are also other databases you can use or get a blank database and build your own.

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Who is TesioPower for?

TesioPower pedigree software is for;

  • Stud farmers to market their stallions and breeding stock
  • Broodmare owners when planning matings
  • Bloodstock agents to broaden their selling base
  • All involved with breeding, as a recreational and research tool

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What do I need to run TesioPower?

TesioPower requires the following as an absolute minimum.

  • Pentium 166 processor
  • 16 megabytes of RAM
  • 150 megabytes of free disk space
  • 800 x 600 video mode
  • Windows 95 or later

More realistically, TesioPower should have the following.

  • Pentium II processor
  • 32 megabytes of RAM
  • 300 megabytes of free disk space
  • 800 x 600 video mode
  • Windows 98 or later

The higher specifications are easily beaten by any PC being sold today. Any PC up to 3 or 4 years old will also most likely meet these standards.

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